Saving the world your yard at-a-time

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Yard Clean up and tree pruning


A good yard clean up can help give you the vision for what you'd like to do next. Whether it has been a few years or you just don't have the right tools, we can help! This starting point is a good place to define the scope of your yard's potential. Got a Japanese Maple that needs some love?  Take a look at our portfolio.

Yard Maintenance is our specialty


You've got it all dialed in, but your weekends take priority. Let us handle the important details of keeping your yard looking great while you focus on the finer things in life. Kick back and relax.  We've got you taken care of.

Fully Electric using renewable energy


Every choice you make matters.  We know that the environment is important to you.  Our battery-powered tools operate just as efficiently with a fraction of the noise and pollution. Every kWh of energy we use to recharge our tools will be offset with the purchase of clean, renewable energy. Contact us to reduce your carbon footprint.